Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine RZ 60 4.0

The workhorse of planetary gear manufacture

The RZ 60 4.0 gear grinder’s productivity sets the standard for high volume production of planetary pinions and remains the fastest machine on the market.

Constant High Performance

The RZ 60’s overriding design principle is the resolute reduction of unproductive times. This is based on its dual spindle technology, all axes movements and routines being uncompromisingly executed in parallel, the short reaction times of all spindles, and the high cutting speeds.

The extremely rigid overall design leads to very high material removal rates and constant workpiece quality.

All overtravel movements of the RZ 60 have been reduced and optimised to the absolute minimum. The electronic gearbox, which was fully developed by Reishauer, controls the perfect harmonisation of multiple NC axes and executes all routines in parallel such that idle times are almost completely eliminated.

Two meshing sensors synchronise the gear parts to the threaded wheel during the rotation of the workspindle turret. Furthermore, sufficient time remains during the rotation of the turret to centrifuge off oil from the ground parts, even at cycle times shorter than 10 seconds. Additionally, the threaded wheels’ chosen extra width and the multi-rip full profile rolls reduce non-productive dressing times to a minimum.

Short set-up times highlight the flexibility of the machine. Apart from disk-type workpieces, this machine equally handles shaft-type workpieces. Due to its compact design, and the fact that it comes fully equipped, it can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

Last but not least: hundreds of RZ 60 machines that unflaggingly generate income for our customers are the best proof of the performance level of this machine.

Working Range
Dimensions that may differ can be verified upon request.
Workpiece diameter
0 – 94 mm
Module range
1.0 – 4.0 mm
Swivel angle (grinding head)
+/- 48°
Grinding stroke (max.)
180 mm
Shaft length (max.)
490 mm
Workpiece rpm (max.)
3000 min⁻¹
Workpiece weight (incl. workholding)
30 kg
Operating speed (max.)
100 m/s
Grinding wheel outside diameter (max.)
275 mm
Grinding wheel width
125 / 160 mm
Diameter of dressing tools
123 / 140 mm
Hardware Options (Extract)
CNC tailstocks (W1- & W2-Axis)
Meshing sensor on each workspindle
Technology Options (Extract)
Polish grinding
Integrated oil spinning off
Reishauer ECO-mode
Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
Reishauer Precision Drive
Reishauer operating software