One-Button Twist-free Gear Grinding

Today, with the one-button solution, we offer customers a hitherto unknown degree of flexibility and ease of operation for twist-free grinding. Flexibility means that standard diamond dressers can be utilised, while ease of operation means just pushing the one button called “Twist-free Grinding” and the machine will set up and run the process automatically.

While Twist Control Grinding – both twist-free or any specific twist – has been successfully in operation on Reishauer machines since 2010, the focus has been technological and relied on our direct support. Now, twist-free grinding has reached a level not seen before anywhere. Briefly, one-button twist-free grinding.

  • works with standard diamond dressing Tools.
  • achieves nearly the same amount of parts per wheel as conventional gear grinding.
  • achieves the same grinding times as conventional gear grinding.
  • empowers every user to set up the twist-free gear grinding process.
  • is now as simple and as user-friendly for setting-up and operating the machine as for the conventional continuous generating process.