Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine RZ 126 4.0

100 m/s Grinding speed (max.), outstanding grinding technology and a maximum of flexibility

Regarding productivity, the RZ 126 4.0 grinding machine sets industry standards in the high volume production of gears, and in its field, is the fastest machine on the market.

Grinding speed (max.) 100 m/s

The RZ 126 4.0 builds and expands on Reishauer‘s successful twin-spindle machine concept. The machine combines the speed and productivity of the RZ 60 4.0 with the flexibility and the latest grinding technologies of the RZ 160 4.0 und RZ 260 4.0.

Flexibility and Productivity

The design principle embodies the uncompromising reduction of non-productive time by the twin-spindle technology, the short reaction time of the spindle drives and the high grinding speeds.

Working range
Dimensions that may differ can be verified upon request.
Workpiece diameter
0 – 126 mm
Module range
0.5 – 4 mm
Swivel angle (grinding head)
+/– 48°
Grinding stroke (max.)
180 mm
Shaft length
490 mm
Workpiece rpm (max.)
3000 min-1
Workpiece weight (incl. workholding) (max.)
30 kg
Operating speed
100 m/s
Grinding wheel outside diameter (max.)
275 mm
Grinding wheel width
125 / 160 mm
Diameter of dressing tools
123 / 140 mm
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
2880 x 2310 x 2920 mm
Machine weight (incl. W-axis)
9600 kg
Hardware Options (Extract)
Pivoting dressing unit (C4-Axis)
CNC tailstocks (W1- & W2-Axis)
Technology Options (Extract)
Grinding of asymmetric gear profiles
Polish grinding
Reishauer TwistControl Grinding – generation of specific twist
Grinding of conical gears (beveloid gears)
Grinding of non-involute gears
Two double meshing sensors for stepped pinions
Integrated oil spinning
Reishauer ECO-Mode
Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
Reishauer PrecisionDrive
Reishauer operating software