Generating Grinding Machine RZ 126/160 KWS 4.0

Grinding parts with interfering contours

The Reishauer KWS series, featuring small diameter grinding worms, has enabled us to keep pace with the rapidly expanding electric mobility market. In this way, we have created further opportunities for our customers who require efficient high-volume production of high-precision gearing with collision-critical workpieces.

Ensures the productivity advantages of continuous generating grinding

If you look at processing times, generating gear grinding is superior to discontinuous grinding processes in practically all respects. In particular, the design of the grinding machine with two workpiece spindles enables loading to take place without affecting primary machining time. This can significantly shorten grinding cycles and thus achieve low unit costs.

To keep providing you with the productivity of generating grinding with Reishauer level quality and precision, we have further developed two variants from our proven Reishauer 4.0 model series. Both the RZ 126 KWS 4.0 and the RZ 160 KWS 4.0, the latter designed for larger workpieces, enable efficient generating grinding of gears with interfering contours.

Working Range
Dimensions that may differ can be verified upon request.
Outside workpiece diameter (RZ 126 KWS 4.0)
5 – 130 mm
Outside workpiece diameter (RZ 160 KWS 4.0)
5 – 162 mm
Number of teeth (RZ 126 KWS 4.0)
5 – 160
Number of teeth (RZ 160 KWS 4.0)
5 – 320
Grindable modules
0.5 – 4.0 mm
Length of shaft
490 – 600 mm
Swivel angle (grinding head)
+ / – 40°
Z-grinding stroke
180 mm
Grinding spindle speed
13 500 min-¹
Workspindle speed
3 000 min-¹
Cutting speed
80 m/s
Workpiece weight (incl. clamping device)
30 kg
Grinding wheel diameter
80 – 140 mm
Grinding wheel width
140 mm
Dimensions (width x depth x height)
2880 x 2310 x 2920 mm
Machine weight (incl. W-axis)
9800 kg
Standard Features
Single or double workpiece spindles
Dressing device CNC swivel axis
Workpiece spindles fitted with counter roller bearings
Linear encoders at all linear axes
NC controlled nozzle setting
Reishauer LowNoise Shifting
Swivel arm meshing device
Automatic balancing unit
Acoustic touch and crash detection
Emergency retract to protect machine and tooling
Central lubrication system of all linear axes
IO-Link sensors
Remote maintenance
Ergonomic operating panel with touch technology
Options (extract)
ARGUS Monitoring System
CNC tailstocks (W1- & W2-axis)
Tip dressing diamond for the grinding wheel diameter
Line dressing
Reishauer Twist Control
Reishauer ECO-Mode
Interface for automation systems
CO₂-fire extinguishing system
RZDesk offline programming station
Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl
Reishauer PrecisionDrive
Reishauer Operating Software RSP
Part Loader System
Reishauer’s own automation concept is an integral part of its performance portfolio. This part loading automation keeps pace with the machines fast cycle times, productivity and availability. Automation and machine are in perfect synch as they share their place of...