Continuous Generating Gear Grinding Machine RZ 1000

Big, but no job too small

The RZ 1000 gear grinding machine combines universality, high precision and robust material removal rates. This machine embodies state-of-the-art gear grinding technologies. Furthermore, as the grinding oil flow is completely separated from the machine bed, it features extraordinary thermal stability.

Flexibility and Productivity

With the grinding diameter up to 1000 mm and its module range of 0.5 to 10 mm, it covers teh widest wide range of gear grinding applications. Technologically speaking, the RZ 1000 is identical to the smaller grinding machines RZ410 and RZ 550, which, in the main, differentiate themselves in their grinding smaller diameter ranges. Short set-up times and excellent accessibility underscore the flexibility of this family of grinding machines.

Profile grinding (tooth gap by tooth gap), line dressing and the on-board gear measuring option exemplify the wide field of application of these machines.

The swivable dressing unit allows the application of all of Reishauer’s dressing technologies such as, among others, line dressing, dressing with multi-rib full profile rolls and topological dressing.

The worldwide market acceptance of this machine speaks for itself.

Working Range
Given values that may differ can be verified upon request.
Workpiece diameter (max.)
1000 mm
Module range
0.5 - 10.0 mm
Swivel angle (grinding head)
+/- 45°
Grinding stroke (max.)
300 mm
Shaft length (max.)
700 mm
Workpiece rpm (max.)
600 min⁻¹
Workpiece weight incl. workholding (max.)
1200 kg
Operating speed (max.)
80 m/s
Grinding wheel diameter (max.)
300 mm
Grinding wheel width
145 / 160 mm
Diameter of dressing rolls
160 mm
Hardware Options (Extract)
Swivable dressing unit
Onboard gear measuring
Technology Options (Extract)
Polish grinding
Topological grinding (Twist Control Grinding)
Line dressing
Grinding of tapered gears (beveloid gears)
Grinding of non-involute gears
Profile grinding
Reishauer ECO-Mode
Siemens Sinumerik 840D Solution Line
Reishauer Precision Drive (electronic gear box)
Reishauer operating software