Grinding Wheels

Grinding Tools by and for Reishauer

In line with its performance portfolio – the Circle of Competence – Reishauer not only builds its gear grinding machines but also manufactures its proper grinding wheels, called threaded wheels, in its own factory in Central Switzerland.

Within the gear grinding process, the grinding machine supplies the kinematics, i.e. the precise movements that control the threaded wheel. For its part, the threaded wheel must transfer these movements onto the workpiece by grinding it accurately to a defined size and a predetermined surface quality.

A threaded wheel consists of three elements, all of which have to fulfil a specific purpose. These elements are: the abrasive grits, the bond and the pores. In short, the abrasive grits’ task is to perform the cutting of hardened steel to size and to a specified surface finish, all without generating any grinding burns. The bond, the second element, holds the grits in place and must ensure the safety of the grinding process at high operating speeds. The pores, as the third element, give the grinding wheel an open structure to ensure that the coolant gets into the contact area during grinding, and that the chips generated during the process can be transported away from the grinding zone.

Reishauer threaded wheels have designed specifically for the process of continuous generating grinding. Each and every threaded wheel is subjected to a rigorous quality checking procedure and marked with an indelible laser induced “birthmark” that ensures permanent product traceability.

Threaded Grinding Wheels