The Closed Loop Process

Greater productivity due to digital data synchronization

The closed loop process supports you in making the setup process for generating gear grinding machines as efficient as possible and in producing workpieces that are consistently within tolerance during series manufacturing.

Process stabilization through digitization

The closed loop process is optimized in order to prevent misinterpretations, incorrect entries or mismatches (twin spindle). This minimizes time spent on the unproductive setup process and allows production to start sooner. Measuring data for SPC parts ejected from ongoing production are also available promptly on the grinding machine. In both cases, it is no longer necessary to manually assign data, thus maximizing the output of OK parts.

The closed loop process...

  • ... reduces delays in the evaluation of measuring data
  • ... digitizes data synchronization, making the entire process more stable
  • ... clearly assigns the actual values to the target values (including for individual spindle values)
  • ... initiates the automated suggested corrections from the grinding machine
  • ... supports machine operators whatever their level of experience in making uniform corrections

Closed Loop Brochure