GDE-based Closed Loop

Grinding and measuring closely geared

It is essential for grinding and measuring to be closely linked. Every time grinding processes are set-up, they always include a comparison between the desired or target characteristics, and the actual characteristics of the gear being ground. Setting up the grinding process is completed only when the gear has the desired, target characteristics. In the analogue exchange of target and measurement data, every parameter is entered manually on both sides, enabling misinterpretations or incorrect entries to occur, which can lengthen the set-up process, and thus delay the start of production.

Process stabilization through digitization

In the course of digitizing this process, we have defined a format that enables cross-platform communication to take place. The GDE format (Gear Data Exchange Format according to VDI / VDE 2610) is used as the interface between grinding and measuring systems. This not only reduces sources of error, but also eliminates time delays due to the direct and clear comparison of target and measurement data.

Gear Data Exchange capabilities:

  • semi-automated setup of the manufacturing process
  • digital process control, increase in overall process capability
  • automatic measurement program generation
  • digital measurement protocols ensure 100 % traceability
  • automatic, digital data collection for QA and AI (KI)

Closed Loop Brochure