Part Loader System

The Reishauer automation maintains a firm grip on gears

Reishauer’s own automation concept is an integral part of its performance portfolio. This part loading automation keeps pace with the machines fast cycle times, productivity and availability. Automation and machine are in perfect synch as they share their place of origin, the same CNC control philosophy and the same interfaces. Material flows can be easily synchronised and optimised to the specific operational requirements.

This loader system offers customers completely new degrees of freedom. It can equally handle disk-type or shaft-type workpieces, from small planetary gears to heavy-duty final drive gears. The loader’s high flexibility ensures that the user can quickly respond to future production requirements. This automation can be configured independently of the part supply system (e.g. plate chain conveyor, single tray or stacked trays). The modular design enables the integration of additional functions such as gear flank analysing, deburring with rotary brushes, oil centrifuging, laser marking, over ball measurements, SPC, etc.

Standard Equipment
3D gantry with 4 NC servo axes
Splash oil-tight cover with oil recirculating pump
Access door with integrated NOK & SPC part station
Plate chain conveyor
Automatic central lubrication system
Lifetime lubrication of all rotary axes
Pneumatic equipment (Festo)
Compact design
Technical Data
Workpiece diameter up to
260 mm
Electric drive unit Z-axis (rack and pinion)
Electric drive unit X/Y-axis (toothed belt)
Number of axes
Repeatable positioning accuracy
< 0.01 mm
Load carrying capacity up to
20 kg
Electric drive unit of C-axis (with transmission)
CNC control / Software
Siemens SINUMERIK Handbediengerät HT 10
Siemens NC
Technical data subject to change
Oil centrifuge
Remote maintenance
Stacking cells
Conveyor belt with different layouts, increased autonomy through stacked workpieces
Different part feeding systems among them drawer storage or highway solutions
Further options on request
Workpiece contour checking
Measuring of outside diameter of workpiece
Additional SPC parts station
Additional NOK parts station
Double gripper
Customer specific solutions
Deburring unit with abrasive brushes (integrated into oil centrifuge)
Two-flank rolling test
Workpiece position checking
Helix angle checking
DMC reader