Reishauer cooperates with Mahr Metrology

Reishauer AG as a manufacturer of gear grinding machines and Mahr GmbH, a manufacturer of production measurement technology, have entered a development and sales cooperation. This cooperation aims to expand both parties' technological capabilities and complement their product portfolios. In addition, the trusting relationship between the two companies, which has existed for many years, will be reaffirmed while maintaining their respective independence.

Precision obligates – two high-achievers cooperate

For our customers, two market leaders cooperate to bring together the best of both worlds: On the one hand, the constant high precision with which Reishauer machines grind high volumes of gears; on the other hand, the competent, flexible, and reliable gear and form measuring technology from Mahr. Both companies are perfectly at home in the manufacturing world of high precision and can look back on successful long-term cooperation with their respective customers.

From this cooperation, we envisage innovative and high-performance solutions for our customers, with which we can further strengthen our market position vis-à-vis our competition. The resulting products and services will be sold independently.